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Find the optimal order fulfillment solution for your products

In general, there is no one-size-fits-all for fulfillment service providers . Different providers are suitable for different customers and projects. A comparison is therefore essential to find the right fulfillment partner.

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Differences between service providers can be found in pricing, additional services offered and quality of service. It is also important whether the fulfillment provider can demonstrate relevant industry experience.

The common process for finding a fulfillment service provider

Many retailers who operate an online shop ask themselves the question: How do I find the right fulfillment service provider? 2-8 weeks until the first offer, at least 5 working days for research and phone calls, subsequent time-consuming inspections and comparative analyzes – the process of finding the right fulfillment provider is complex. We have summarized all the steps for the search for a suitable service provider for you here.

1. Make a list of all possible service providers
2. Research into trustworthiness and quality
3. Contact selected service providers individually
4. Telephone calls to clarify details
5. Wait for concrete offers and compare
6. Request and negotiate the final contract
7. Establish the IT connection to the warehouse logistician
8. Have the goods delivered and stored

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