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Another Unicorn Business Platform Getting Launch in this week

Why Investors showing interest in this Model.

Prudhvi Polavarapu founder of Quick ship .. speaks, he wants to change the traditional last mile into 8 hours delivery. Quick ship is a technology platform that ties up with small and medium last-mile companies that can work under quick ship branding and guidelines.

Under the quick ship brand – each delivery associate will have different training sessions and efficiency tests to handle the deliveries.

As e-commerce growth was really high in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the kingdom’s recent reforms and initiatives towards a more business-friendly environment encourages him to set up a headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Quick ship launches with 200+ drivers in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and many partners in the other areas as well. Expecting to reach 1000+ well trained and customer service oriented delivery team across the kingdom by mid of 2022.

This platform allows e-commerce companies to get their orders to deliver with in 8 hours or else no delivery charges. It definitely shows a big impact on the delivery success and customer satisfaction for e-commerce brands. Prudhvi added they will widen their operations all over GCC by 2023 last quarter.


This technology based, asset free, low operations cost model, mainly scalability attracting lots of investors and this model can be implemented in 60 days anywhere in the world. Uber is my inspiration, they are no1 in human transportation. We want to become same in e-commerce shipments transportation said Prudhvi Polavarapu

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